Bolle Tsar 21441 Matte Black & Grey


Bolle's Black Chrome lens performs in all conditions, including the most extreme. Black Chrome lens has 15% VLT that allows 15% of the sunlight through the lens which changes instantly with the light, optimizing visibility and protection throughout the day.

  • Brand  Bolle

  • Frame color  Black

  • Frame shape  Single Lens

  • Lens color  Grey

  • Frame type  Full-Rim

  • Material  Plastic

  • Collection  WomenMen

  • Manufacturer frame colorMatte Black / Grey

  • PolarizedNo

  • Manufacturer lens colorBlack Chrome

  • ModelTsar 21441

  • Manufacturer materialInjected Polyamide


The MODULATOR™ 2.0 light control lens improve your ability to read the terrain in even the most extreme conditions. This lens delivers improved activation, darkening and lightening faster, regardless the temperature.


Equalizer® technology offers an ultra- high-performance anti-fog feature. Thanks to a technical and breathable insert between the two lenses, it uses a ventilation system to regulate atmospheric pressure between the lenses, thereby eliminating humidity and any trace of condensation.


Thanks to a high-tech protective armor applied to the outer lens, carboglass creates a shield that significantly reduces scratching and keeps your lens and outlook crystal clear.

Double lens

Dual-pane thermal barrier between the cold dry outside air and the moisture generated by intense activity prevents distracting condensation from forming.

P-80+ layer anti fog

P-80+ Anti-fog coating applied to the inner lens absorbs moisture across the surface of the lens and provides superior anti-fog capabilities and clear vision.

Flow-Tech Venting®

Flow-Tech Venting® technology controls and optimizes airflow across the inside surface of the lens. Venting systems reduce the potential for moisture build up, reduce fogging and maintain your genuine vision.

Tripple density foam

Ultra-soft polar micro-fleece material backed with two layers of multi-density foam ensures always secure and comfortable fit.

Forestay system

Bolle's forestay outrigger system is designed for goggles to sit snugly on your face and to maintain a perfect fit when worn with the latest helmet designs.

Wide field of view

The wide field of vision ensures maximum peripheral vision; a necessity in the slalom gates or for admiring the landscape from the summit.

Siliconised strap


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