Ortovox We Wool The World Beanie


Hat with Tasmanian Merino wool. The Merino wool hat will not bite even on the most sensitive skin, because there is a Modal insole on the inside.

Stylish, finely knitted hat with helmet "WE WOOL THE WORLD". This is the outside of a woolen hat. From the inside there is an integrated headband made of Modal, which is extremely soft and does not scratch. The whole cap is made of natural materials and especially merino wool, so it warms even when wet, does not smell and absorbs moisture into its core - it is dry on the surface.

Wool warms in the wet
You can use the wool hat for freeriding, multi-day hiking or in a mountain hut. Mainly thanks to the high insulation, when the wool keeps you warm in winter. The wool absorbs moisture into its core and is dry on the surface. You feel more comfortable and even a sweaty hat doesn't stink.

Wool full of functions The
cap is made of 100% Merino wool and it is no coincidence. It is chosen because of the properties of wool as such. In addition, Merino is extremely fine.

● odor neutralization
● antibacterial function
● large thermoregulatory range
● moisture absorption
● easy maintenance
● pleasant to the touch
● long service life

● Woolen clothing can be considered smart clothing. It adapts to current temperature
conditions. This is due to the ability of thermoregulation and moisture absorption.
● Large number of air pockets - what warms you is air and not material.
● At higher activity, the wool absorbs moisture and warms up slightly.
● Wool absorbs up to 35% of its volume moisture into the core and is dry on the surface. Synthetics absorb approximately 0.4% and therefore cool - that's why wool warms even when wet.
● The wool can adapt to large temperature differences - it warms in winter and cools in summer.

Uncompromising 2-year warranty
ORTOVOX clothing is made in the highest quality, and therefore the solution to the complaint is simple. If you find a manufacturing defect, whether it is a ripping seam, external pilling or a non-functional zipper, just send us the goods and we will take care of its repair, replacement or refund. For out-of-warranty repairs, ORTOVOX has its own service center, where it repairs everything.

Who actually sent me into the world?
Ortovox has been specializing in challenging mountain activities for 30 years. In order to achieve the best functional properties, Ortovox combines the highest quality Tasmanian wool with the most modern materials on the market, thus achieving better functional properties than each material alone. Ortovox has safety in every product - it wants you to enjoy your activity as much as possible. Priority in product development is focused on quality, comfort, functionality and durability, which are superior to price. This was appreciated, for example, by professional users such as mountain guides or the mountain service.

Main part: 100% natural wool (Tasmanian merino)
Insert: 53% natural wool (merino) + 43% Modal + 4% polyamide


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