Ortovox Swisswool Light Vest PIZ Grisch

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Womens warm Swisswool Light reversible insulation vest

Product description for Ortovox SWISSWOOL LIGHT VEST PIZ GRISCH W (STYLE WINTER 2016), Blue Lagoon Outerwear Female

The most natural and efficient isulation material on our planet provides plenty of warmth together with low pack size with the Swisswool Light Vest Piz Grisch W by ORTOVOX.

The basis for the Swisswool Light line is the regional production of Swiss virgin wool. SSwisswool has set up collection stations specifically for this purpose in many Swiss Alpine valleys, some of which are very remote. At shearing time in the spring, shepherds can deliver their raw wool there in exchange for a fair price. Thanks to the SWISSWOOL facilities, sheep farming and wool production, which are often rather unprofitable these days, have experienced a revival and are now more appealing than ever. After the raw wool has been weighed, it is washed and then processed. ORTOVOX then provides the unique design and functionality during the manufacture of the end product. The Swisswool Light series is produced in Europe as sustainably as possible and with the lowest environmental impact. Long transportation routes and unnecessary impact on the environment are kept to a minimum.

The insulating jackets and vests in the Swisswool Light series by ORTOVOX were developed for active mountain sports, in which good insulation performance and low weight are key. The 90 g/m² wool lining boasts an outstanding pack size. Another special feature of the Swisswool Light line: every product is reversible. So you buy one jacket or vest and you have 2 different styles.

The new Swisswool Light Vest Piz Grisch W by ORTOVOX impresses with its new design. The new, matte Pertex outer fabric ensures that the insulated vest is reliably windproof and water-resistant. The front pockets provide a lot of room for storing away equipment or for warming your hands. The wool filling is not only produced in an environmentally-friendly way, but also impresses with its many advantages over other materials.

Compared to down, Swisswool’s major advantage is that it provides warmth even when wet. In addition, wool can absorb and release larger quantities of moisture than artificial fibers.


Features of the Swisswool Light Vest Piz Grisch W by ORTOVOX:

  • Windproof and water resistant
  • Warms even when wet (> down)
  • Ergonomic cut
  • Moisture regulation: Can absorb and release moisture better than synthetics
  • Reversible vest (2 styles/2 colors)
  • Produced and processed in environmentally-friendly ways
  • Sustainable raw material
  • Ideal dimensions for packing
  • Ideal weight-to-insulation ratio (90 g/m²)
  • 2 front pockets
  • 1 inner pocket
  • Weight: 223 g (Size M)



The new insulation line by ORTOVOX contains Swisswool. This is the finest virgin wool with Swiss origins from the canton of wallis. Swisswool places particular value on sustainable production and regional origin. Long transport routes are avoided whenever possible. Virgin wool is extremely Lightweight and has excellent insulation properties.

Numerous air pockets are created around the virgin wool, which can store large volumes of heat. If you pack the clothing items together, the air escapes and the products can be compressed to extremely small sizes.

Material specifications:

  • Shell material: Pertex - 100% Polyamide
  • Insulation: Swisswool Light - 88% Virgin wool, 12% Polyactide (corn based)
  • Material characteristics: insulated, water resistant, windproof
  • Material insulation: 12% Polylactide, 88% Virgin Wool
  • Material outer fabric: 100% Polyamid
  • Insulation: Swisswool Light
  • Outer fabric: Pertex®

Sports & Activities:

  • Mountaineering and Trekking
  • Climbing and Bouldering
  • Skiing
  • Ski Touring
  • Snowboard
  • Urban Outdoor

Weather conditions:

  • Cold
  • Wind
  • Snow


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